Pediatric Dentistry

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Pedodontics, also known as pediatric dentistry, is the study of oral health care treatment for children.  Pediatric Dentistry involves oral health care administered to children under the age of 16.  Pedodontics specialize in treatment, diagnosis, and prevention.  Such specialists are required to have additional training in child psychology before entering the pediatric discipline.  They address teeth concerns such maintenance of baby teeth (milk teeth) during the process of natural loss. They also advise on healthy and nutritious diets to influence overall good eating habits leading up to prevention behavior to deter cavities.

Pedodontic Dentistry may include some or all of the following:-

- Root canal treatment
- Child dietry consultation
- Routine dental check up
- Fluoride application treatment
- Restorations and tooth colour filling of deciduous tooth
- Space maintainer
- Sealant of the permanent teeth
- Cleaning and polishing teeth
- Dental education and behavioral management